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Welcome to Brimstone

We are fun - invite your friends!

Left to right - Blast from the past!
Dee - Cylaa - Audeley - Adaac - Astijia - Herminee - Gothicangel - Banguk - Impassex

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RUBYZ: "I drained the wrong guy!" General Vent Chat - 5/17/2017

RUBYZ: "Ive been doing billy so long I know when its about to happen. He's fast, it takes a minute twenty to reload!" General Vent Chat - 1/8/2017

GOTHICANGEL: "I need my head today" FRAUGAS: "me too" ADAAC: "take care of everyones problems in one swift blow" GOTHICANGEL: "im not that good!" Hall of Legends - Sunday Aug 21, 2011

GOTHICANGEL: "That was me..... I was trying to get in the crack" Temple of Rallos Zek - June 20, 2011

NEVYAH: "I will adorn the mirror of my car with his balls" King Tormax Struggle - June 5, 2011

GOTHICANGEL: "I had to wash my stinky ass.... I was playing with farm animals all day" General Vent Chat - May 16, 2011

ADAAC: "Whatever Morshale yanks.... I SPANK!" Lt. Buldoral fight on April 12, 2010.

BADTOUCH: "I'd spackle your uterus Morsh" Palace of Roehn Theer - April 26, 2010.

ADAAC:"I knew, sooner or later, you would let me pop your cherry." Vigilant: Rescue. April 30, 2010.

JARAOBI: "Blood-rage Deamon Casts Fuck You, Jaraboi takes 103526 points of noxious damage." Vigilant:Final Destruction. May 15, 2010.

KHELRIK: "I don't remember where I got the shaft." General Vent Chat. June 6, 2010

GOTHICANGEL: "I tried swinging the other way." The Hole: The Outer Vaults. June 24, 2010.

GOTHICANGEL: "Why do you gotta be mean to the pussy?" General Vent Chat. June 30, 2010.

KHELRIK: "DON'T MAKE ME ASS FUCK YOU IN THE FACE!!!" General Vent Chat. July 21, 2010.

CYLAA: "You have to swallow Mo...that's how it's done!" Palace of Roehn Theer - September 19, 2010.

GOTHICANGEL: "Don't you hate it when you eat all the good nuts first and all you have left are the shitty nuts?" Vasty Deep - September 22, 2010.

GOTHICANGEL: "I am a red headed slut and I like red headed sluts!!" Palace of Roehn Theer - December 1, 2010.

MOHANDASS: "We wiped so many times we ran out of toilet paper!" General Vent Chat - April 5, 2011

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